The Authors



Roberto Charvel

MD at Vander Capital Partners (VCP), an investment management firm focused in emerging markets. Prior to VCP, he worked in several private equity funds specialized in project finance in Mexico and Silicon Valley.

Fernando Fabre

CEO of Endeavor México and teaches Econometrics and Finance for Entrepreneurs at Universidad Anáhuac del Sur.

Luis González

Partner in the law firm Solórzano, Carvajal, González y Pérez Correa where he heads the private equity practice.

Luis Perezcano

Luis Perezcano traded bonds and derivatives in New York. He later went into investmente banking and private equity. He was managing partner of the Nafta Fund and founding member of Amexcap. Today he has joined the family business where he tries to leverage his private equity experience in growing the casual dining chain Texas Ribs where he serves as CEO.

Invited Authors

Santiago Roel

Former technology entrepreneur, he is now dedicated to the analysis of security issues. Anteriormente emprendedor tecnológico, se ha dedicado en los últimos años al análisis de temas de seguridad. Santiago is an out-of-the-box thinker who has advised state governments in the implentation of public policy to reduce the problem of insecurity. A visit to his website Prominix is worth your while.

Myths of the War Agains Drugs in Mexico, Drogas: Mitos y Realidades

Luis García Peña

Managing partner of Legacy Wealth Corporation, an asset management firm for high net worth individuals and corporations.

Un futuro para México

Fernando Eraña

Partner in Solórzano, Carvajal, González y Pérez-Correa, S.C. His áreas of expertise include Private Equity, Venture Capital, Financial Transactions and Real Estate. He holds a law degree from Universidad Panamericana and an LLM from Northwestern University. He holds a certificate in business from Kellogg School of Management.

Legislación mexicana anti-lavado: ¿Impactará a la industria del Capital Privado?, TEMAS CLAVE DE CAPITAL PRIVADO: LA HOJA DE TÉRMINOS, Seis Mitos acerca de las Sociedades Anónimas Promotoras de Inversión

Eduardo Mapes

Eduardo has more than 20 years experience as an institutional investor in private equity and venture capital. He was a founder and investment director (2007 – 2010) of Corporación Mexicana de Inversiones de Capital, S.A. de C.V. (CMIC or Fondo de Fondos). He worked for more than 17 años in Nacional Finaciera in charge of the development bank’s private equity and venture capital activity.

Capital Privado en México: Las SINCAs, Capital Privado en México: Evolución y Perspectivas

Leonardo Navarro

Leonardo has worked in Taipey and Beijing, via Mexico City, in both the public and private sectors. He is editor of China Latin Diaries, a bilingual magazine on China and Latin America. He holds an MBA in finance and an MA in Mandarin from The Wharton School.

Salir al extranjero: El cuándo y el cómo, Ingredientes necesarios para un ecosistema de capital de riesgo, Capital de riesgo: De copiar hacia China a copiar hacia Latinoamérica

Jesse Reyes

Jesse is regarded as one of the leading experts in private equity and venture capital research.  His primary focus is on performance measurement and quantitative analysis of the venture capital and private equity industry. Over the last twenty five years he has pioneered many of the performance benchmarking methodologies, analytical tools and research methods now standard and mainstream in the private equity industry. You can visit his website at JCurve Advisors.

2013 Q3 Private Equity Performance – Continued Recovery ? (part 1)

Gabriel Rosado

Gabriel  is VP of valuation in Grupo Altavista and served as director of Roit&Co Business Consulting. He has experience in investment banking (Banco Santander) and private equity (The Roitman Group).

El escenario del capital privado en América Latina

Alonso B. Díaz Etienne

Alonso is Managing Partner of Gerbera Capital, an investment company with assets in listed securities, real estate and venture capital. Gerbera Capital is an active participan in Mexico’s private equity and venture capital ecosystem and is a member of AMEXCAP and LAVCA.

¿De qué tamaño debe ser la ronda de financiamiento de una empresa?